1958-1 Prohibiting the Use of High-Powered Rifles in the Town of Trempealeau
1983-1 Relating to Special Adult Entertainment Permits
1997-1 Requiring Notice to Town Assessor of Proposed Construction
1998-1 Refunds of Tax Payments in Excess of Tax Bill Payments
2002-001 Providing for the Appointment to Serve as Town Clerk and Town Treasurer
2003-001 Building Inspector Ordinance
2005-001 Appoint Alternate Members for Board of Review
2005-003 Relating to Issuance of Citations for Violations of Town Ordinances
2006-001 Building Inspector Ordinance Amendment
2007-001 Relating to Confidentiality of Information in Property Assessment Matters
2007-002 Appoint Alternate Board of Review Members for Year 2007 & Succeeding Years
2009-001 Adoption of Comprehensive Plan
2009-002 Regulation of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
2009-003 Regulate Parking of Vehicles
2010-001 Establishing Split Shifts for Election Officials
2012-001 Extending Town Officer Terms in Response to Election Law Change
2013-001 Scare Gun Ordinance
2014-001 Scare Gun Ordinance Amendment
2015-001 Ordinance to Reduce Speed Limit on Schubert Road
2016-001 Lowering Speed Limit on 11th Street
2017-001 Scare Gun Ban Ordinance
2017-002 Ordinance Repealing Use of High Powered Rifles
2017-003 Ordinance to Increase the Number of Town Board Supervisors from Two to Four
2018-001 Ordinance to Adopt Comprehensive Plan Revision Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance for Trempealeau County
2018-002 Ordinance for Alternative Claims Procedure
2018-003 Ordinance to Obligate Town to Trempealeau County Treasurer
2019-001 Provisional Retail License Ordinance
2019-002 All-Terrain Vehicle and Utility Terrain Vehicle Route Ordinance